About Us

What comes to your mind when you think of a business partner? Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Passion for trending technology? Maxlore is all that and MORE! If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, hiring Maxlore well experienced IT team is well worth the payoff.

Maxlore specialists have a natural aptitude for technology, with over 15 yrs of technology experience in the industry. With IT establishments in Kozhikode, Kochi, and Dubai, Maxlore aims to hit the digital world market with high-quality products that provide the best customer and user experience too.


Febeesh Muhammed is passionate about technology and is part of the IT world since 2002.  As he stepped into the software development industry, he is responsible for producing some of his most celebrated work.  Febeesh prioritizes both customer and team satisfaction and keeps them both on the same plate to achieve his goals. He believes that intelligent teamwork is the only shortcut to the greater success!

As passionate he is about technology, he draws great pleasure being a good sportsman too; as a player, he never misses a good cricket tournament around him and always makes time for an evening badminton game.

Core values

Our company’s cultural cornerstone; a set of fundamental, strategically sound beliefs that we live by, daily.

People satisfaction It’s the blueprint of our strong culture of loyal customers and team members.

Team work With simple cooperation teamwork achieves what individuals can’t.

Passion Our core motivation to perform comes from the passion inside we have for technology.

Idealism With, imagination, determination, and action, we take idealism very seriously.

Honesty and integrity Not just ingrained, but an open and honest work environment make us unique, and successful.

Accountability Efficient, accountable, relying on multiple skills, we are synergised towards the same goal.

Digital Business

Blurring your digital and physical world, Maxlore specialists integrate and connect intelligent design to improve customer satisfaction and hence, your business. Get the new and disruptive digital world you deserve, today.


Driving improvement by digitally reinventing your business with increased speed and agility. Maxlore specialists help you excel in this digital economy to become rather capable and sophisticated to improve overall business and also, customer satisfaction.

Modern Engineering

Creating interesting, easy to navigate, and clutter-free web designs that just cannot be missed! We build responsive pages and beautifully utilize spaces to give your customers and potential audience a clean user experience.

Software development

Flourish Your business with a digital transformation and promote it further to rise above the competition. Maxlore developer specialists are here for you.

Web development

Helping You build responsive websites that bring you more traffic, faster web pages, low maintenance, higher conversion rates and more.

Virtual Employee

Developers work with your team on project. You Interact, and plan for milestones and seamlessly communicate with them. Daily reporting of project through virtual meetings and daily updates give you insight into progress on deliverables.

Digital marketing

Maxlore helps you Grow your business and level the online playing field with optimized conversion, facilitating interaction with a target audience and more.

Design & UI development

From conceptual ideation to front-end development Maxlore specialists guarantee the integrity of your website is maintained over all devices.

Product engineering

Build new products or redesign your existing products that are strongly tailored to your requirement, for value analysis or cost reduction plans.

Mobile application

Improve efficiency, secure your app data, integrate existing software, ease project management and improve your customer relationship from the get-go.

Web hosting

Professional web hosting that is rich in the reliability of service, customer support, content control, improved design and space, SEO friendly pages, and so much more!

Corporate training

With our deep knowledge of business, we help you assess, measure, and meet all your staff training needs. Embrace efficiency with Maxlore today.

Our Products

Expand your breath of scope as Maxlore specialists work with pre-defined business logic for different products built in different technologies.

Tourism website/Tour planner

A web portal for tourists, to find relevant information, pictures, and videos to know more about a tourist destination. The site also helps to plan your tours in a better way.

Campus Management system

An advanced web based system for school/college management, offering high flexibility and an abundance of features to create quality education system. It offers a seamless networked campus and a paperless administration.

Mobile app for restaurant service

A mobile application which helps customers to order their food at restaurants. The application provides a digital menu with all information. So, no waiting on a service person to learn about food availability and to place the order.

Our Industries

Maxlore is a new venture of RISS technologies, a leading technology provider and
corporate training company based in Calicut, Kerala.

Tourism & Hotel

Both you and your customers benefit from useful technology that streamline guest experiences; from making reservations to advanced communication, Maxlore has you covered.


Take advantage of improved information and better communication to embrace the potential for future enhancement.


Deliver a truly integrated flow of information to offer your medical staff and patients to improve the quality of patient care and services.


Whether micro, small or medium enterprise, Technology enabled innovations drive customer engagement and support your growth.

IoT Solutions

Reliable and secure delivery of data, preventative maintenance, tracking and insights to improve your operational efficiency.


Imagine, Design, and implement the constantly evolving IT training content and adapt your business to reflect the current market.

Latest Projects

Maxlore is a new venture of RISS technologies, a leading technology provider and
corporate training company based in Calicut, Kerala.

All IOT Mobile Web

  • Tourism website / Tour planner

    A web portal for tourists, to find relevant information, pictures, and videos to know more about a tourist destination. The site also helps to plan your tours in a better way.

  • College Management System

    College Management System or CMS is a product that comes under the Maxlore family of products for educational institutions. It is designed specifically to cater to administration and academics of a college environment.

  • School management system

    A cloud based web application which manages all the functional flow of a school. It connects below entities on single platform.
    • School management.    • Parents.
    • Teachers.    • Students.    • Other staffs.

  • Mobile app for restaurant service

    Helps customers to order their food at the restaurant.  The application provides a digital menu with all information so no more waiting for a service person to learn about the food availability and to place the order.

  • Smart Home Automation System

    Control your home appliances from a remote location. The Device is equipped with an intelligent chip connected to the intelligent gateway through the WiFi/Bluetooth. It supports remote control, adjustment, and status synchronization of your mobile phone, and can be set in time to open.

  • Token Dispenser For Bank System

    Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with Data byte’s Advanced Token Management System.

  • Innovative Bio-metric Attendance System

    Office Equipment TCP/IP Biometric Fingerprint Identification Terminal Time Attendance Machine with backup battery with the special Algorithm improves the identification speed. The best choice for the small and middle enterprise. Inbuilt TCP/IP with 100M speed to satisfy different working environment.

  • Advanced GPS Based Vehicle Tracking

    Know everything about your vehicle-What trucks are overdue for service, which vehicle may run late, which vehicle is available, who is stuck in traffic, how fast are they going, and more.

  • Blind Guide Stick With GPS Navigation System

    The Blind stick is an innovative stick designed to help visually impaired individuals to improve navigation. We propose an advanced blind stick that allows the visually challenged individual to navigate with ease using advanced technology.

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  • 0495 2978888 / 7902 978888
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